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MBBS in Philippines

About Philippines

Philippines is an island country which is located in the western Pacific ocean. It comprises of about 7641 islands spanning across 3 main geographical sectors from north to South namely Luzon, Vizayas, and Mindanao. Manila is its capital city and the most populated city being Quezon City.

The climate in the Philippines is tropical and monsoonal. The country has an average yearly temperature of 26.5°C (79.7°F); May is the warmest month, while January is the coolest.

The monsoon rains, hit from May to October, bringing torrential rain which is abetted by frequent typhoons. An average of 6 or 7 typhoons per year strike the Philippines.

November to April is the dry season, with December through February also being the coldest part of the year.

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines

Studying MBBS in Philippines is relatively very low as compared to the other countries. The country has an impressive literacy rate of almost 93%. The standard of medical education in Philippines is very high with top class infrastructure, the degree awarded by the medical Universities of Philippines is recognized by MCI and WHO.

All the Medical Colleges of Philippines follow the US pattern of study as a result the students who pass from the colleges have a better chance of clearing the USMLE. In USA, out of 10 doctors at least 1 of them is from the Pilipino origin.

The language of communication in Philippines is English which makes it very convenient for foreign students to communicate and also saves the time of learning any additional foreign language. There are two sessions in a year, one starting from March to April, and the other from November to December and admission in MD starts in the month of June.

The medical courses in Philippines universities are very popular among the students from around the world. The medical degree in Philippines is called the MD program (Doctor of medicine) which is the same as MBBS in the UK, India, Pakistan and other Commonwealth countries. The medical degree gained from medical universities in Philippines is recognised by the major organisations like World Health Organization and Medical Council of India.

mbbs in Philippines

Why Study MBBS in Philippines?

• Low Fees, No Entrance, No Donation

• All medical programs are for 5 years

• All universities are approved by WHO, MCI

• Cost of living and accommodation is very low as compared to other countries.

• Availability of Indian cuisine

• Hostel facilities for girls and boys is separate

• The admission process is very simple.

• The students are given opportunity to diagnose the patients which helps in improving their knowledge.

mbbs in Philippines